My story

Videos of local travel secrets.. but why?

Ever felt that when you go on holiday, you just aren’t satisfied with doing the “top ten things to do” there as stated in some guidebook? Are you one of those that feels the need to get off the beaten track during your travels? To avoid the over crowded tourist trail and the tourist traps that come with it. To seek out something new that very few, if anyone at all, has seen or experienced in that place?

That’s what my holidays and travels are all about. I love discovering that little known cafe down a quiet side street in a busy capital city that isn’t in any travel guide but is heavily frequented by locals, finding out that the best pizzas in town are made not in the high street restaurants but in a little family run joint a short tram ride into the suburbs, making friends with locals and doing things the “local way” – taking the public transport instead of the taxi for example, uncovering hidden gems that no commercial travel website or guidebook will tell you, and in doing all this I come across cheap deals, nifty discounts and clever tricks to get the best out of a holiday there. Be it saving precious holiday money or be it having that mind blowing experience that the “regular rubber” traveller can only dream of.

I started to share the knowledge that I gain in my travels with you, my fellow traveller filled with the same sense of adventure and having the same hunger for local travel secrets that I have. Having been a presenter on television before, I decided to make OutsideTheGuidebook less about the written text and more about the whole experience, and what better way for a person to enjoy the moment than to see and hear it on video.

Take care and happy traveling!