Kayaköy – How to get into the Ghost Village for FREE

Picking up from where I left off in my earlier travel secret video about the famous Tableside Barbeques in Fethiye, Turkey, we finally got done with our super sumptuous meal at Cin Bal and made our way out of the restaurant. The Ghost village of Kayaköy was a short five minute walk from Cin Bal and lay a little further along the same road on which we had travelled to the restaurant.

It was nearing seven thirty pm when we ambled up to the tourist ticket office and like most offices in government run establishments around the world, it had closed long ago.  We walked onwards to where a narrow path led up to the ghost village. Here is something we came across that tells you what it’s all about, in original style!

Kayaköy ghost village

What it’s all about at Kayaköy

Kayaköy is – or rather was – a settlement of village houses spread out along the tops of a few small hills. To reach the centre of the erstwhile settlement one needed to walk on an old cobblestoned path that led up through one of the hills. Plenty of Facebook moments guaranteed! (Oh, by the way, OutsideTheGuidebook.com is on Facebook as well. LIKE it here! :) )

Along the way local hawkers try to sell you beads, necklaces and what not. Thankfully at that time of the day things were winding down and only one lady selling curious and trinkets called out to us. We told her we would stop by on our way back, and continued on (they don’t seem to get it when you say “No, Thank you” once). There wasn’t anyone to check the tickets we didn’t have so we simply marched on onto the path leading up into the hills. With no one else on it at that time, the long shadows made for an eerie trek through the old ruins:

Kayaköy ruins

Having “a moment” on the path with ruins all around..

It was a ten minute walk up to the village square. Only a handful of tourists were about at that time. Being summer, even at nearly eight pm, there was plenty of sunlight around to enjoy the magnificent view. My sweet girlfriend was kind enough to entertain yet another brilliant solo performance by yours truly and we filmed the video in the village square itself. Watch it below now and let me know what you think!



On the way back, we had a bit of a scare when the local bus called the “Dolmus” did not show up for nearly an hour. Darkness falls suddenly and quickly in the mountains and we were just thinking we’d have to camp out in those scary ruins for the night when an air conditioned bus back to Fethiye made an appearance. Boy, what a day!

All in all, should you travel to the Fethiye or Oludeniz resorts in Turkey, a day trip out to Kayaköy is a must on the list. Better still if you can combine it with a late afternoon meal at the Cin Bal “Cook it yourself, Eat it yourself” restaurant. Saunter into the ghost village at half six, don’t pay for the entrance (no one should really, it’s not like the place requires maintenance does it? :D ) and enjoy the sunset. Gets a bit dark afterwards though so maybe bring along a small flashlight with you.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1111857961 Agness Walewinder

    That’s superb! Nice reading mate. I like the ruins, so beautiful. I wish I was there right now. Leaving Thailand tomorrow morning ;-)

    • OutsideTheGuidebook

      Thank You for your nice thoughts Agness. Have a safe journey back home. I hope to cover some of the places you wrote about in SEA! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/TheGuy37796972 The Guy

    That is scary when your bus is so late. An hour is ridiculous. I would be panicking and try to find another lift back. I hope it didn’t put too much of a dampner on your trip.

    • OutsideTheGuidebook

       We were just about to go into the only open restaurant in the ghost town and ring for a cab! The local bus made it’s appearance minutes before we were going to hit the panic button. All good though. The journey back after that scare was all the more sweet :-)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BLOTGROWOPKRZSQML5HVT7KJAE Lane

    It sounds like those boom/bust gold towns sprinkled throughout the Southwest.  They make for excellent ruins also.