Two Secrets: Good food and Good friends in Fethiye, Turkey

There are two things a person remembers most about their holiday; the foods they ate and the friends they made. This video will teach you how to get the best of both when you travel to the seaside resort of Fethiye in Turkey for your next holiday. My previous post was about the infamous Fethiye market. Right opposite there is where the footage for this post was shot. We had just about made it out of the Fethiye market in one piece and were in dire need of refreshment – both mental and physical. It was hot and we were tired, thirsty and hungry.

I had first read about Konya Etli Ekmek in an article on the Turkeys for life blog – which by the way, is a gold mine of information about all things in Fethiye. Where to stay, where to eat, what to eat, where to go.. I highly recommend you give their website a good read before flying out to the resort. Indeed, many of the places that I have shot footage in for the Turkey videos, are names I first read about on their website.

To get back to the story, once out of the Fethiye market, we made our way to Konya Etli Ekmek – a nondescript little restaurant set in a street running parallel to the main road. You can see it from the entrance/exit to the Fethiye market which is (BANG!) opposite, so it’s hard to miss. The restaurant was just the way I like it; simple tables and chairs and none of the fancy stuff. Call me eccentric but it had the “frequented by locals” vibe that I crave.

Harun, the lad who served us was a very friendly chap who spoke English well. Turned out it was his family restaurant and he helped his father and brother run it. He told us that he had spent time living in Brighton, a seaside town near London and that he loved meeting travellers to his city and becoming friends with them. A couple of days after this video was taken, Harun took us out in Hisaronu, a town close by known for it’s nightlife, and we had the time of our lives. He’s always got a smile on his face, is extremely helpful and loves to share stories about his country and culture. If you happen to go to Konya Etli Ekmek, do give him a hello from us!

Food there was very, VERY cheap at just under $5 for a belly full of local Turkish fare. A 1.5 metre long pizza type bread with meat on top. I will stop writing here and let the video do the talking! :-)



In conclusion, if you want to get some good food in Fethiye, original Turkish fare in a simple road side restaurant, and pay local prices for it, Konya Etli Ekmek is where it’s at. And if you want to make a local friend, whether to get advice on what’s the latest in the area or to share stories with or to go out and party the night out with, that’s where you will find him as well.

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