Travel Packing Hacks

This article will give you the golden rules when packing luggage tour. Luggage is always problematic for many travelers. How to put the most affordable furniture is not easy. Let’s save you some trouble and your time and start with the basics follow tips:

Choosing vali or backpacks is suitable for trips

For the short trips, you should choose small, lightweight and wheeled pull a suitcase. It helps you move easily and protect belongings inside. Especially, if you are on a plane, the weight of the suitcase you have to deposit is defined, so please choose your luggage carefully. An important note is marked your suitcase by special signs. The aim is to avoid getting it lost and easy to recognize it.

Making a list of necessary things

Normally, we are excited about the trip so we often carry on too many clothes or accessories, even we always wonder what should we bring along, what is really necessary for trips. Keep calm and firstly, you must make a list of things you really need to bring. And then, place them on the floor or bed to check again. If you are not a believer of Jean, let them stay at home. Because it is bulky and it takes a long time to dry. Cotton and khaki materials are smart choices for trips. Jackets and sweaters take up a lot of precious bag space, unless you are going to cold places, don’t bring them. Remember that bring all of the charges for items that you carry on, keep all electronic devices with their chargers. Passport, Identity Card and other important papers should make the carry on the list as well.

How to pack in the suitcase

The golden rule is to place the heaviest items at the bottom of your bags/suitcases. This rule will ensure your items are not wrinkled-up, and also not take much space when you put them on top.

Let’s roll clothes instead of folding them. Roll up some of your other clothing and lay them next to each other. Underwear should be stored, for in a bag and put in place a suitcase openings. Rolling clothes will save suitcase space and your clothes are not rumpled.

Don’t waste any precious space, you should take advantage of all the gaps to put small items such as socks, belts, neckties, cosmetics, medicine etc.

If you carry fragile or breakable items, lay them middle-class clothing. You had better roll up in thickest clothes and place among the different layers of clothes.

Placing passport, tickets or visa where you are easy to find. It is better to keep it in your pocket.

Other notices

Don’t carry on too much cash and valuable items because they are easy to be failed into thief’s eyes.

Using the key for your suitcase will protect your bags at the tourist destination.