Top Interview Questions asked in Interviews

The Case Study Scenario Question- describe a successful or difficult work situation and tell us how you managed or worked through it.

Thinking through these scenarios in advance will definitely help. It is also likely that you can work out the kind of scenario they may ask.

For example, if the new role has an emphasis on customer service- it is likely that they will ask you to describe a customer service scenario.

Equally, if the job is all about time management- expect a scenario on that!

Focus on:

  • What YOU did- not the other people involved
  • Give the background to the scenario succinctly
  • Explain logically and sequentially how you approached the situation
  • Share with them your thinking behind the decisions- what options did you have
  • Reflect with them how you could have possibly done things differently
  • Always end on a positive note

Questions pertinent to the new role- these may be more technical- depending on the type of job you are applying for- are you aware of legislation changes or the latest research. Have there been significant changes in your industry recently?

Again, the trick is research, research, research. Typing these queries into a search engine will yield dividends.

You will need to show you are up to date in your particular area of interest and have thought through the implications for your new role, your new colleagues and management.

For example, in the NHS- how could the proposed white paper affect your work with clients?

What are your goals for the future? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years time?

Don’t say retired or working for a rival company!

It is great to show ambition and vision…however make sure you come across as realistic- having thought, through how you can achieve these goals.

For example, if your goal is to be a supermarket store manager, feel free to say that, but outline the steps to getting there.

“I would hope to be promoted to section manager within the next year and this will enable me to apply to the fast-track management apprentice scheme, where I can develop my leadership skills. My ultimate goal is to be a well-equipped successful store manager.”

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stay at your current level and be the best that you can be in that role.

It is important to not give the impression that this role is just a stepping stone onto the corporate ladder- as your employers want to fill this role now! Not everyone wants to be a manager- and that is great!

Again- be honest- don’t try and second guess the answer you think they want to hear. You just need to show your employer that you have some views on it and realistic expectations.