Top Portugal shopping secret: Don’t miss out on this local tip!

On our second day in Portugal we stepped out for a spot of shopping. Idea was to go to a supermarket and purchase a popular local wine based drink called “Favai-osh” or something similar. Big time spell check there – if you know the correct spelling for that local tipple, please do let me know via the comments section!

After a mega night out the previous evening (we got to bed at six am), it was a struggle to get up, but a couple of us managed to rouse ourselves at a not-so-ghastly 10am. After scooping up the remains of the hostel breakfast we headed out into bustling, busy Porto… only to find the roads deserted and shops closed. And this at 11:30am!  Check out the view from our hostel balcony below:

Shopping in the morning in Portugal

It’s nearly noon.. and the town is still sleeping. Lush!

By the end of the holiday, my friend “H” crowned Portugal the laziest country he had ever been to. In my case, they kind of reminded me of me. Take it easy till push comes to shove, and then scramble around frantically to get things done 😀 Not a single shop or restaurant was open on the whole street. Even the town centre barely had a semblance of life. I loved it!

The key here is to tank up on your groceries and go shopping the previous evening. Then you don’t have to walk around a sleepy old town centre in the blazing heat, nursing an annoyingly persistent hangover looking for an open supermarket. Imagine waking up in the morning and/or afternoon in your hostel or hotel room after a huge night out partying, reaching out for a bottle of mineral water and a packet of crisps, and finding them within arm’s reach! Ah, pure bliss.

I love Portugal and the Portuguese people. Very friendly, easy going and generally a happy lot. Even the laziness (or to put it ever so politely, their “unrushed demeanour”) quickly becomes a habit. If you have ever been to Portugal and experienced this sort of thing, do write to me and let me and the others know via comments below.

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