THE best place to stay in Porto, Portugal

Youth Hostels. Everyone has an opinion about them. To the dandy traveller who likes their creature comforts, a youth hostel represents dirty shared toilets and uncomfortable bunk beds. To the hardy backpacker, it is a cheap roof over their head and a place to connect with other like minded souls. Most people are somewhere in between.

My travel buddies on this holiday consisted of four lads who each had different opinions about youth hostels, and who each had their own set of scales with which they measured the quality of accommodation provided. You know how they say that one cannot please all the people all the while? In the case of the Gallery Hostel in Porto, it DOES please all the people, all of the while!

This is my first accommodation review and just to clarify, my blog wasn’t even up and running at the time – I had only just registered the name of this website – and no one was paying me anything to wax lyrical about this particular hostel. This review comes from the heart. As do all my articles. You do get one other thing on this website that other websites don’t give you.. proof on video. Each time. Every time. Not some fancy video crafted in a studio with background music and all the jazz. Here you see a simple, honest, “real life” holiday video taken on the fly, on my phone camera (hence the black bars that run down the sides) and edited in an hour or so on my laptop.

The Gallery hostel is certainly not the cheapest digs in terms of price. At 22 Euros per bunk bed in a four bed dorm, it comes in at just above average as far as youth hostel rates are concerned. But boy do you get some bang for your buck. And then some.  The hostel was absolutely spic and span. Floors, banisters, kitchen area, bar area, TV and Games room, beds, toilets, corridors.. clean, clean, clean! Fresh smelling laundry, friendly helpful staff, high ceilings, plush interiors and central location in Porto town. It had it all. Even an indoor smoking area complete with a little tree and an open roof. I am most happy when I get value for every penny and this time I was ecstatic. It also helped that there was paid parking close by as we were on a road trip and needed to stash the car away for the day.

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. Please be kind to my friend Johnny who was nice enough to be my cameraman.. for some reason he likes to focus on the mid-chest region a lot (hmm!) so you can see my jaw moving, hands waving and my chest doing some of the talking 😀



So, what do you think? Comment below and let me know! If you like this video, feel free to share the fun using the buttons to the left of the screen and below. If you’ve got some feedback, I would love to hear it. If you are reading this before going to Porto, then it would be wonderful to hear back from you after your stay there!

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