How to choose the best boat cruise for your holiday

Fethiye Boat Cruise Tips

The Boat Cruise! Highlight of every seaside holiday. It is so very important to get this right as it can make or break your vacation. There’s a few things to keep in mind when choosing a boat tour in Fethiye (or anywhere in Turkey for that matter) and I’m going to help you with them […]

Fethiye Fish Market: Pay less for your meal using a brilliant trick (that I missed)

Exploring the Fethiye Fish Market

When I told my friends that I was going to the Turkish seaside for a holiday, almost all of them pipped in with a suggestion to try the fish there. The general consensus being that if a place is surrounded by the sea, the fish there must be cheap and plentiful. In practical experience however, […]

The little known Sunday Market at Calis Beach, Turkey

Cheap Shopping in Calis Beach

Fethiye in Turkey has a Tuesday market. Everybody knows that. What many don’t know is that Calis Beach, a stone’s throw away, has one of it’s own every Sunday. Where Fethiye’s market is big, touristy and over crowded, Calis Beach’s slimmed down version is a lot quieter, a lot more family friendly and a lot […]