A Reason Why You Have to Act Now

The Furtive Gift —A Story

A boy was born with a congenital disease and he could die at any time, he was 17. He had always been taken cared of by his mother and seldom left his home. One time he grew tired of his sedentary life and decided to go out for  a walk. He wandered around town, he went from shop to shop until he stopped by at an attractive music store. Inside the store, he was amazed by the beauty of a girl about his age who worked there. It was love at first sight. He went in with his eyes glued upon the girl of his affection. He got closer and closer to the counter where she was. With a huge and welcoming smile upon her face she said, can I help you?

He thought her smile was the sweetest thing he ever saw in his entire life. He looked at her lips and felt he wanted to kiss her. Stuttering he said, um yes, I, Id like to buy some music She showed him around and he picked up the first CD he saw without giving much thought. Would you like me to wrap it up? for you asked the pretty girl with a charming smile. With his head he signaled a yes and she took the item to the back. As soon as she came back, he paid and took it from her hands and ran away.

Ever since, he walked back everyday to the store to get a new CD. The same beautiful girl wrapped it up and he took off again and kept his music collection in his room inside a closet. The boy was very shy, as you can imagine. Even though he tried to asked out, his low self-image and timidness stopped him short from doing so.

His mother had noticed about him liking the girl and told him to go back again and tell her what he was feeling for her. Encouraged by this event, he went back to the music store. He purchased another record and, as usual, she kindly wrapped it up for him, but he remained quiet, smiling back at her, dumbfounded. He took his stuff and while the girl wasn’t  looking, he left his phone number on the counter and went back home.

About a week or so, the phone rang at the boy’s house his mother answered. It was the girl from the music store asking for her son because she hadn’t seen him for a while. The mother started crying and said to her, You didn’t know? He died yesterday.

There was a long silence interrupted only by the crying of the boy’s mother.

A few days later, the mother entered his son’s room. She opened up the closet and saw several small packages neatly wrapped up in gift paper. She became curious, took one of the packages, sat on the bed and opened it up. As she was doing so, a small piece of paper fell to the floor. It was a note, it read, Hi, you’re very handsome! Would you like to go out sometime? Love, Sofia.

Emotionally, she opened up another package and another one, and another one and she found many little notes written by the girl from the music store. They all said pretty much the same thing but in different ways.

The moral of the story: Don’t wait until tomorrow what has to be done today! Tomorrow may be too late.

So, what actions can you take now that’s going to bring you closer to your goals?