The Best Dive School in Koh Tao, Thailand: Full Video Review

Open Water Diving Big Blue

SCUBA diving is one of those adventure sports that most people have always wanted to try, at least once. Being an activity that requires expert instruction, the dive school one chooses is of top priority. I had the opportunity to learn SCUBA diving at one of the best dive schools in the world. Watch the full video review here […]

Kayaköy – How to get into the Ghost Village for FREE

Kayaköy tips and tricks

Picking up from where I left off in my earlier travel secret video about the famous Tableside Barbeques in Fethiye, Turkey, we finally got done with our super sumptuous meal at Cin Bal and made our way out of the restaurant. The Ghost village of Kayaköy was a short five minute walk from Cin Bal […]

‘Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye’ – Tableside Barbecue in Turkey!

Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye in Kayaköy, Fethiye, Turkey

So you have hosted the odd barbecue in your backyard every other summer. Have you ever had one served to you on a platter in a hotel?!

That is exactly what you get when you drive up into the cool, forested hills of Kayaköy, high above the resort of Fethiye in South East Turkey. Should […]

Pastéis de Belém: Portugal’s delicious Pastry secret

Video of Pastéis de Belém

You know how when you go on holiday as a group, there’s always something that a travel buddy of yours has learnt from “a friend” of theirs that is just a must see? Your travel buddy just has to see it? Sometimes those tips do turn out to be proper little nuggets. This is what […]

Cheap, Tasty Indian curry deep in the heart of Portugal

Indian Curry in Portugal

Continuing the cross Portugal road trip, my mates and I headed out of Porto in the north of Portugal towards Lisbon, the capital city. After a couple of stops along the way, around lunch time, we came upon the city of Coimbra. At the outset it looked like a quaint little town, but as I […]

THE best place to stay in Porto, Portugal

Review of Gallery Hostel Porto Portugal

Youth Hostels. Everyone has an opinion about them. To the dandy traveller who likes their creature comforts, a youth hostel represents dirty shared toilets and uncomfortable bunk beds. To the hardy backpacker, it is a cheap roof over their head and a place to connect with other like minded souls. Most people are […]

Top Portugal shopping secret: Don’t miss out on this local tip!

Portuguese Shopping secrets tips

On our second day in Portugal we stepped out for a spot of shopping. Idea was to go to a supermarket and purchase a popular local wine based drink called “Favai-osh” or something similar. Big time spell check there – if you know the correct spelling for that local tipple, please do let me know […]

The famous Porto Francesinha – A full belly the local way

Cheap and Tasty Porto Food

Was out in Portugal with the lads on a brilliant road trip celebrating my 30th. Yep, I’m officially in my thirties now (yipes!). We started off up in Porto in the north of Portugal and worked our way down the country to end up in the seaside resort of Albufeira. Plenty of adventures along the […]

Two Secrets: Good food and Good friends in Fethiye, Turkey

Tasty Food in Fethiye

There are two things a person remembers most about their holiday; the foods they ate and the friends they made. This video will teach you how to get the best of both when you travel to the seaside resort of Fethiye in Turkey for your next holiday. My previous post was about the infamous Fethiye […]

Two things you MUST keep in mind at the Tuesday Fethiye Market

Tuesday Fethiye Market

If you have seen my post about the Calis Beach market, you know that it’s big bad elder brother, the Tuesday Fethiye Market is something that you won’t be able to get away from during your time in the resort. The Tuesday that we went exploring the Fethiye market, the mercury had reached a boiling […]